Florida is one of the states likely to regulate online poker by 2020. Regulated online poker will provide a safe environment for players as well as tax revenue for the state. As a supporter of online poker, you have the power to enact change but only if become active in the fight. Below are some ways that you can help support online poker in Florida.

Learn the Facts About Regulation

We recommend that you take some time and learn all that you can about online poker regulation in the United States. Learn why online poker regulation is important and how it has benefited the states that have already went that route.

Use multiple resources in doing your research. There are some sites that have an overly skewed view on online gambling in one extreme or the other. These are sites you should avoid. Stick with sties that give you a balanced view of online poker and iGaming.

Sites such as this one will help keep you informed on the ever changing landscape of iPoker regulation and will allow you to sort out fact from fear mongering.

Make Your Voice Heard

Next, voice your support for online poker whenever possible. Contact your state and congressional representatives and let them know that you support online poker and that you urge them to do the same.

In the past year, we’ve learned about the lack of constituent advocacy in some states. One California lawmaker even stated that he had received only a handful of calls regarding the matter. That’s why it is important for you to make your voice heard.

Contract your legislator, post on Twitter and Facebook and get the word out in whatever way you can to support online poker in Florida.

Join the PPA

ppa logoIf you support online poker, then you need to be a member of the Poker Player’s Alliance. The PPA is the nation’s top lobbying group for online poker and has worked diligently to forward the cause in all 50 states.

The PPA lobbies on a daily basis for online poker and regularly keep players updated on the changing face of regulation throughout the United States. Their website received an upgrade recently, including a section where you can email your state and congressional representatives. Go to theppa.org to learn more.

Play Only on Regulated Poker Sites

Finally, we urge all Florida online poker players to refrain from playing on unregulated poker sites until the state legalizes the activity. When you play on an unregulated site, you put your bankroll at risk as you have zero recourse in the event the site decides to shutdown and keep deposits.

Playing on unregulated sites also sends a message to lawmakers that you do not really care about a safe online poker environment. If the issue is not important to constituents, it will not be important to lawmakers.